Visualization, plans, and information are of a general nature, intended to reveal and present the concept of projects and cannot be considered an offer or commitment to implement such solutions.

Young and ambitious company

Mano Sala is a young and ambitious firm with a clear goal to offer products that bring value to its customers throughout the years. We guarantee that our projects are developed by maintaining highest industry standards.

Mano Sala prides itself on developing sustainable and economical projects. We follow the principles of successful entrepreneurship by adapting innovative ideas, working within the team of professionals and ensuring the quality of our work. At Mano Sala we aim to exceed our client expectations and thus strengthen our position in the real estate business.

Projects, developed thoroughly

By having accepted various challenges and achieved set goals, Mano Sala has become a successfully growing company. For several years now our main working direction is real estate project development and management. Our projects are implemented following meticulous planning process. All of this allows us to bring unique and original products to the market.

In order to achieve such excellent results, we put our priorities into quality control and thorough project planning. That’s why we are able to offer one-of-a-kind solutions that reflect modern lifestyles and satisfy the most exquisite tastes.

Home for You

We design homes, not houses. Modern home is not only a structure of walls and windows or just an aesthetically pleasing project. A home is a place where you will spend most of your time, raise kids and create values and traditions for future generations. Therefore we understand that it takes a rigorous system and a qualified professional care to build a class home. We do this by combining trends in modern architecture with unique nature and urban planning opportunities.

At Mano Sala we seek harmony in form and style and design with integrity and simplicity in mind. We hope to develop properties of value that make people’s’ quality of life, work and leisure better.